A Culture of Corruption: The News Media

Written by Jim Kouri


by Jim Kouri
April 17, 2008

kouri-2.jpgDuring a segment of Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor, former CBS TV newsman now media critic, Bernard Goldberg, stated clearly and consisely, "The news media are corrupt." His fellow guest Jane Hall, formerly of the L.A. Times and now a respected journalism professor concurred.

They were lamenting the fact that by and large the members of the Fourth Estate were in the bag for Democrat president candidate Senator Barack Obama. In fact, it's almost sickening how the denizens of America's newsrooms go out of their way not to cover stories that would be covered if Obama were a conservative Republican.

The other day, a news anchor I've respected for years, Fox News Channel's Brit Hume, said that newspeople didn't know a lot about Sen. Barack Obama but slowly he's beginning to reveal himself. Hume gave the example of his "bitterness" comments while Obama was kissing up to the moonbats in San Francisco. Hume -- and some others -- said such statements showed that Obama may actually be an "elitist."  No. You think?

At least Hume isn't behaving like his counterparts at the other cable news networks. CNN's Wolf Blitzer giggles like schoolgirl at the mere mention of Obama's name. MSNBC's Chris Matthews gets a chill running up his leg whenever he hears Obama give a speech. As long as Bill Clinton criticized President George W. Bush, these newspeople were more than happy to treat him like royalty. Now that he's attacking Barack "empty-suit" Obama on behalf of his wife Hillary, these same Clinton sycophants have canceled their membership in the "I Love Bill" fan club.

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago regarding Obama's relationship with some very interesting characters and the Internet publications that published it sent links to some of the top newspeople and news producers in the country. Except for a few radio talk show hosts, not one of the dozens of newspeople who received the article requested further information.

My sources for that story were impeccable -- they are well-known Washington, DC insiders who actually worked for a living protecting this country. One source served as a Deputy Secretary of the Army, while the other was an intelligence officer for the Central Intelligence Agency. Yet, there were absolutely no calls from our nation's top newsmen and newswomen seeking the identity of these sources. Not one bit of curiousity.

So what should the mainstream news media have done? The least they could have done was try to refute the details laid out in my article. But that would have legitimized those details and the news media appear to have taken on the job of protecting Sen. Obama.

Here are some of the questions they should have at least asked:

What's Obama's relationship with former Weather Underground bomber William Ayers? Over the years, Ayers has raised enormous sums of money for the Illinois senator.

What was Obama's relationship with indicted moneyman Tony Rezko? Over the years, it's been reported that Rezko raised over $14 million for Obama's campaigns. When Rezko was indicted, Obama returned $85,000.00 to him. What happened to the other $13,015,000.00?

What's Obama's relationship with terrorist sympathizer Professor Rashid Khalidi of Columbia University? Did Obama funnel money to his pal Rashid -- money that eventually ended up in the hands of Hamas or Hezbollah terrorists?

There are other questions that these intellectual giants in the news media could at least ask, but don't hold your breath for them to actually do their jobs. After all, the news media are corrupt.

Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and he's a staff writer for the New Media Alliance (thenma.org).  In addition, he's the new editor for the House Conservatives Fund's weblog. Kouri also serves as political advisor for Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Michael Moriarty. 

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